Adam Ant’s influence on punk in the US, via Darby Crash

Darby Crash co-founded the influential LA punk band the Germs with Pat Smear. He died in December 1980.

From an interview with Darby Crash biographer Brendan Mullen

Question: What do you know about Darby’s trip to England and his subsequent obsession with Adam & The Ants? Who did Darby hang out with in England?

Mullen: He went to England for a month or so in early summer of 1980 with a woman named Amber, his latest patron, a woman he lived with for a while who picked up the tab for everything. They stayed with Amber’s friend Jordan who was a key designer-stylist in the classic Britpunk fashion look. According to Amber, Darby asked Jordan to give him what people called the “Mohawk” hairdo, although “Mohican” was actually the correct name, something Darby kept pointing out, but to no avail. Mohawk stuck in the vernacular. Mohican didn’t. Still is that way. Darby’s role model for the Big Make-Over-in-London was clearly Adam Ant and his Antpeople entourage of post-punk fashion casualties.

Here are some photos of Darby Crash sporting his Adam Ant inspired getups and his influential Mohawk haircut:


Adam Ant in 1980


Valley Girl Slang

Valley Girl

It’s interesting to see which valley girl phrases are still a part of our daily lexicon (awesome, like, freaking me out) and what slang is sadly just a reflection of the 1980s. I personally want to start a movement to bring back the word bitchin into everyday conversation. Who’s with me?


Awesome, gag me with a spoon, bitchin’, like, choice, barf me out, gnarly, tubular, dweeb, fresh, grody (see also, grody to the max), totally, fer sure, bod, no duh, what’s your damage, eat my shorts, righteous, take a chill pill, talk to the hand, i’m so sure, psych, have a cow (see also, don’t have a cow), bite me, freaking me out, tripendicular.

Try to use some of this valley girl slang in a sentence today!

A list of things I would like Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran to read to Me

Nick Rhodes

Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran’s synth player and legendary sparkly fashionista, could read anything in the entire world to me and I would listen with rapt attention. I’m pretty sure he has the most soothing and silky voice known to man.

Things I would like Nick Rhodes to read to me:

  • The phone book
  • VCR instructions from 1987
  • A Chinese restaurant take-out menu
  • 50 Shades of Gray
  • Duran Duran’s old Playgirl Magazine interview from 1995
  • My last rites
  • The lyrics to “Back that Ass Up” by Juvenile
  • A section from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Japan- Quiet Life (1979)

I’m making my way through the entire Japan catalog, and this album is blowing me away! Quiet Life is their third album and shows the band moving away from their earlier glam and rock elements to a smoother and more electronic sound.

This album was described by some as the first ever new romantic album, and the influence that this album had on bands like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet is obvious. Overall this album has mellow grooves and a heavy synth vibe that would end up dominating much of the sound of British pop music of the 1980s.

Track Listing:

01 – Quiet Life
02 – Fall In Love With Me
03 – Despair
04 – In Vogue
05 – Halloween
06 – All Tomorrow’s Parties
07 – Alien
08 – The Other Side Of Life

Duran Duran- Planet Earth (1981)

Aw, Duran Duran’s first ever single! I think I just got a Simon Le Boner watching this.

If you want to know what exactly the ‘new romantic’ movement was, just watch this video. It involves a lot of frills, pastels, pirate shirts, and crimped hair. And Simon Le Bon shirtless??? Ok then.

This song is actually quite underrated with fierce bass line and bitchen synth part by the pink haired glamorpuss alien creature known as Nick Rhodes.

As always, John Taylor wins in the babe department. Even if you can’t see his face under all of that hair.

Please enjoy.