Davy Jones is the best teen idol of all time.

remembering davy jones

Sure, Ricky Nelson, Frank Sinatra and Elvis predated Davy, and yeah, maybe Leif Garrett and David Cassidy had better hair, and Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake had more solo success, but Davy is still the best.

Davy Jones represented all that’s great about teen idols. Physically, Davy was all you could ever ask for in a fave rave. Small in stature as to not scare away the young girls, with the prerequisite Beatle haircut (or Prince Valiant do, depending on the year), a youthful face, big doe eyes, and a toothy grin. But he had something that other teen idols of the time didn’t have: a cheeky mischievous sparkle behind those eyes and a rebellious spirit.

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RIP Lou Reed

the velvet underground and nicoI’m always shocked to find people who were not affected by the Velvet Underground and Nico album during their teenage years. That album is a perfect soundtrack for those years of discord and boredom. The glimpses of kinky sex and drug use and the day to day life in a big chaotic city showed us that things were gonna be exciting and dangerous and dark in the future, and life was worth living.

RIP Lou Reed. Thanks for the tunes.

R.I.P Heath Ledger


So sad. He was only 28 and had a two year old daughter with exx-fiancee Michelle Williams. Heath was one of my teenage crushes after seeing 10 Things I Hate About You. He also was great in movies like Brokeback Mountain (a role which saw him nominated for an Academy Award), I’m Not There and even The Patriot. He will be missed.