Meeting Patti Smith

My blurry photograph of Patti Smith. Didn’t want to use flash, sorry.

Yesterday I met Patti Smith at the Chicago Public Library. She was there to give a reading/lecture about her new book Just Kids which documents her early days in New York City with her then boyfriend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. She read a bunch of passages from the book, surprisingly performed a couple songs on her guitar, answered audience questions, and was her usual witty and intelligent self. Afterward, she signed copies of her book for everyone in the audience. She is a truly inspiring and fabulous lady.

On Friday, a friend of mine also scored us free tickets to go see Evan Dando, formerly of the 90s band the Lemonheads who hilariously was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1993. According to my friend, he also took Juliana Hatfield’s v- card. Anyway, I really was excited to re-live the 90s and see him play. The show was a lot better than I thought it would be. He did all of the old Lemonheads songs like “It’s a Shame About Ray” and “Into Your Arms” and did a ton of covers, including my personal favorite, “Different Drum”. His voice still sounded really good and he still looked kind of foxy, in my opinion. And seeing him made me long for the simpler days of 1994.

The Lemonheads on the Jay Leno show, back in the day.

I feel bad that I never update this thing. I just never have any time. I started a tumblr where I can record even more of my mundane thoughts and interests. I work a lot, I go out dancing a lot, I’ve been drinking too much beer, and I’ve been obsessed with Curtis Mayfield and Sade. That really sums everything up.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Patti Smith

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