Style Inspirations

Even though the rest of the world is seemingly stuck in the early 90s, at least fashionably speaking, I am firmly stuck in the 70s. Sure, the 1970s had just as many bad fashion trends as the 90s (gaucho pants, polyester, garish patterns, Burt Reynolds’ mustache), but at least they all were original.

Anyway, here are some far out ladies from the 70s that might be inspiring to you as well.

Rita Coolidge

-Rita Coolidge was a singer who dated hotties like Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and was married to Kris Kristofferson. Nice. Totally feelin’ the turquoise.

Carly Simon

-Carly Simon’s casual bohemian/hippie look is eternally in style. Her floppy hat is continuously popular in the spring and summer. Not too sure about the bra-less look that both Rita and Carly are rockin’, but to each their own.

Sara Dylan

-There aren’t many photos of Bob Dylan’s first wife Sara, but she was very beautiful and very stylish.

Random Model circa 1971

-This is a random model in 1971, but the entire look is something that could almost be in the current issue of Elle. The model’s romper, espadrilles, and fringed bag are all trends that have made a comeback in 2009.

4 thoughts on “Style Inspirations

  1. Yeah, Bob & Sara definitely had good looking good looking kids. How could they not?

    Rita is definitely an under-appreciated fashion icon. Word.

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