Bad 90s Fashion Trends

Over the weekend, Jezebel posed the question: after flannel, Hammer pants, floral babydoll dresses, scrunchies, acid wash jeans, and catsuits, what will be the next 90s Fashion trend to make a comeback?

Taking inspiration from the comments on that Jezebel thread, here are some memorable 90s fashion trends that you will probably soon see at an American Apparel store near you!

I will put an (*) by the ones I woefully participated in, back in the day.

-Starter jackets*
-Mini-backpacks (Mine was black patent leather)
-slap bracelets*
-backpacks shaped like animals
-the Cher Horowitz schoolgirl look
-No Fear shirts*
-body glitter*
-high-heeled flip flops
-Peace sign/ying yang/smiley face accessories*
-baggy JNCO jeans
-tiny tees
-lip liner without lipstick
-Army pants*
-tucking in your t-shirt in the front, but not the back*
-choker necklaces
-crushed velvet dresses
-Tommy Hilfiger everything
-pacifier/raver jewelry

9 thoughts on “Bad 90s Fashion Trends

  1. Flannel, overalls, and unwashed, Kool-Aid colored hair — no.

    The “riot grrl” look (cargo pants, a tank top, and Doc Martens à la Gwen Stefani in the days when she was actually a cool, tough chick) — yes.

    I would love for mini backpacks to come back as well. Those things were cute, and so dang handy too!

  2. My mini-backpack was hilariously ugly. I mean who buys a black patent leather mini backpack? Oh yeah, a 12 year old.

    But I agree, Gwen Stefani’s 90s look was pretty hot.

  3. I had a bright blue “blowup” mini backpack… i think I got it in a show bag or something? i loved it… unitll i got a hole in it. not as cool when they are deflated.

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