Social Networking and Non Profits

I recently wrote a blog post for the Freelance Social Media marketing blog about Social Networking Online and Non Profit Organizations.

It discusses the recent Non Profit Social Network Survey and analyzes how the results show a willingness by non-profits to utilize social media marketing.

Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Social Networking and Non Profits

  1. Very interesting post! I have to say that I found Children International through their social media promotion. They had presence on Facebook and Twitter. I think this is great that non-profits are doing this, not only because it’s a cheaper avenue to go down but also it helps them to get involved in conversations that they may not have been involved in before. It just gives them more exposure.

  2. I have been helping some Non profit organizations wiht getting some trucks to help them with their cause some organizations use trucks to deliver food, clothing or bedding to the homeless. I found that Uhaul sells out their used trucks. This has helped a few people in obtaining trucks to help their cause. If you are interested or try sharing to get the word out. It really does help and makes a difference.


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