Ugly Sweaters

I have a new fashion inspiration and her name is Jeanne.

She has a show on QVC and a fabulous clothing line called Quacker Factory. You my also recognize her from her many appearances on The Soup. She is fierce. She loves wearing headbands. She also sells all of those sassy and sexy holiday, animal, and seasonal themed sweaters and sweater vests that you see old ladies wear.

It has been all the rage the last few years to pay tribute to Christmas sweaters by having Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, but let us not forget all of the other themed sweaters that are in existence.

If you are a fan of whimsical sweaters, the following photo gallery will surely make your day.

I found this garment on ebay. It’s multi-functional, in that it’s skimpy enough to wear during the summer, yet Santa’s beard is full and thick and will keep you warm all winter long.

When I think of Christmas, I totally think of lighthouses.

I think this circus themed sweater is a little TOO understated. And it’s missing an elephant.

Wearing this Valentine’s Day sweater will definitely get any man in the mood for some lovin’.

I wonder what holiday this sweater pays tribute to? Hmm.

Who doesn’t like flamingoes?

If you ever need a gift for your great-grandma in Miami, this is the one.

There is nothing sexier than a women wearing a cat sweater.

Ducks are very trendy this year. They are the new penguins.

6 thoughts on “Ugly Sweaters

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  2. My mother dressed me in a series of hideously beautiful Cosby sweaters until I was in junior high. One particular sweater I remember was black and white, three times too big on me, and covered in numbers. I considered that my lucky sweater. I wore it on math test days.

    These days my mother apologizes for the horrible way in which she dressed me at a time in my life when I was unable to fight back properly, but I say, those awful sweaters made me the strong woman I am today.

    Thanks, Mom

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