Edie Sedgwick & Bob Dylan

-Edie & Bob Neuwirth, Bob Dylan’s best friend in the 60s

I have re-visited my Edie Sedgwick obsession after renting “Factory Girl” (starring Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, and Hayden Christensen). Seeing the movie also got me back into my Bob Dylan obsession (Hayden plays a Bob Dylanesque character in the film).

Is there a greater rock documentary than “Don’t Look Back”? Well, maybe a few come close, but to have such an intimate and personal look at Dylan during the that time period is amazing, especially because Dylan is such a typically mysterious and private person–it’s really a treat to see him at his creative peak and open himself up to the viewer.

It’s also fascinating to see how he interacts with clueless journalists, teenybopper fans, old rich ladies, Joan Baez (who he was ending a relationship with during the filming), Alan Price (of the Animals), Bob Neuwirth (his partner in crime), Marianne Faithfull (who he was trying to hook up with), and especially Donovan (who had just been dubbed ‘the new Dylan’ by the British Press). Anyway, if you haven’t seen the film, you should. It’s brilliant.

-Dylan and Alan Price

4 thoughts on “Edie Sedgwick & Bob Dylan

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    I really like you ideas and interest, please, do update more often, it’s a great inspiration!

    Love Sun!

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