Hollywood Boy-Toys

It seems like currently, the most rebellious, hard-partying, drug taking, crazed members of pop culture are the “Bimbo Trio” of Paris, Britney, and Lindsay. Along with Nicole, Mischa, MK & Ashley, Ashlee, and Kimberly, these hellions run around L.A with cig and drink in hand, terrorizing eachother and eachother’s boyfriends. Whereas in the past, it was always men that were infamous, nowadays its the women, with some young stud on their arm.

These ladies are so (in)famous in those tabloid mags, that who they’re dating can become almost as rich and famous as they are. Case in point a current article in Vanity Fair called I’m With Her, that showcases Hollywood boy toys Cisco Adler, Pete Wentz, K. Fed, Joel Madden, and Steve Aoki. These men have easily had their fame enhanced by their respective Hollywood Bimbo girlfriends, and this article is an interesting read about the men who we usually only read about in gossip columns. It’s nice to hear what they actually have to say about the drama that swirls around them. Luckily, you are spared from an interview with ultimate bimbo boytoy, Wilmer Valderama (former flame of Lohan, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt), who already has shared every intimate details of his sex life with Moore & Lohan on Howard Stern earlier this year.

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